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We are an assessment and intervention service based in Cabra, North-side Dublin.

The CEO and lead psychologist of Sycamore Psychology is Dr. Sara Flynn CPsychol. Dr Sara is a chartered child and educational psychologist who has been working in both the private and pubic sector for over 10 years.

Through her work with children, their families and schools, Dr. Sara has observed the difficulties first hand that can cause disruption and upset to a young person’s life and her vision for Sycamore Psychology is to provide a highly professional yet friendly service which provides advice and guidance to parents and young people on how to understand the issues they are presenting with and what strategies can be employed to help get around the presenting issue.

All About Me

Dr Sara Flynn

My name is Dr. Sara Flynn CPsychol. I have been practising as a chartered psychologist for over 12 years in both the private and public sectors. I hold three degrees in science and psychology, including a doctorate in educational and child psychology. I have a rich range of experience encompassing teaching and lecturing.

I have worked as a classroom assistant in primary school as a maths teacher in secondary school and I have lectured in third level in psychology and additional needs. My role as a psychologist in a service for children with Autism influenced me greatly in terms of how I see young neurodiverse people’s strengths and needs and also those of their families and their schools.

My interests lie in the areas of neurodiversity (autism) and social & emotional learning.

I believe that parenting is a tricky job at the best of times, I was a psychologist before I was a parent, I have merged my love and experience of psychology with that of being a parent which allows me to take theory and apply it in a realistic way, allowing for maximum impact within limited time.

I am the mother of a dinosaur and nature loving 6 year old. My experience as a parent and from over 12 years working as a psychologist allows me to understand the child’s perspective but completely empathise with the parent.


When some members of a family have needs that are not typical, it can impact the whole family and therefore everyone’s needs in the family need to be considered. Parents often put themselves last when it comes to having needs met, but children model what we show them so helping parents to see that a key way to help their children is to help themselves first is a frequent mantra of mine.

I want to give parents the tools to help their children themselves and to develop their relationships with their children through communication. My passion lies in writing therapeutic stories which focus on supporting parents and caregivers to communicate tricky topics to the children in their care.

Working with and supporting children to become all they can be guides me in my practice and I have found that the best way to do this is to give sound psychological knowledge and encouraging support to parents and teachers, the support network for these youngsters. Through consultation, active and empathetic listening I bring myself into the world of the child and help those around the child to understand their perspective. Seeing through the child’s eyes is the true way I can support them. I engage in assessment to support the interventions I then recommend based on the profiled needs of the child.


Felicity Lynn

Felicity Lynn is the alter-ego of Dr. Sara Flynn. She was created as a character who could interact with children, someone likeable and visually interesting sporting blue hair which is always a mess. Felicity Lynn reads Dr. Sara’s Stories (and other stories) and she bring them to life. She takes therapeutic and learning stories which can have a heavy theme and softens them with a sweet delivery.

Felicity Lynn is a vehicle for communication The name Felicity means the ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts. Felicity Lynn’s hair is bright blue, chosen because of the connection to the energy based systems of chakras which have blue as the colour of the throat chakra, governing our communication.

Being a psychologist is serious business and Felicity Lynn allows Dr. Sara to express her fun and carefree side….and also to wear a wig

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What People Are Saying

“Sara has been kind, helpful, supportive and very positive since my son, who has Down Syndrome was very young. She has given expert, professional advice which has helped me enormously over the years. I highly recommend Sara and would like to thank her for everything she has done for me and my son. Thank you”

Margaret Gregg

“I chose Sycamore Psychology because it was very hard  to find a service that could help , from the moment I called Sycamore psychology I got nothing but great help and advice. When the day came to meet Sara from the psychology and got my diagnosis it was a great experience and I’m learning to live with being a neuro – diverse adult . They are still very responsive still to this day and gives help were I need it . I am very grateful and happy I chose Sycamore psychology and I can’t recommend them enough”

Neuro-Diverse Adult (29)

“I would highly recommend Dr Sara, I found her to be exceptionally professional, helpful and efficient. She was great with our child and explained everything and made sure we all had a clear understanding of the process. She was very easy to talk too and we all felt very comfortable and at ease in her company. All reports and feedback were very thorough and concise”

Parent of a neuro diverse 11-year-old boy

“In wanting to further understand and more accurately support our child’s challenges, it was important to us to find a psychologist who could assess him and provide clarity on his way of experiencing the world. Sara went above and beyond in meeting those needs.  She facilitated a multi-disciplinary diagnostic assessment, ensuring the process was as unintrusive as possible for our child. Following the assessment, with sensitivity, compassion and reassurance, Sara shared her expertise by explaining the facts of her findings and expanding on her recommendations. She was extremely supportive throughout our engagement with her and we feel very fortunate to have engaged with her on our journey with our son”

Karen Hendy parent of young neuro-diverse teen