Don’t push your agenda on others.

The two adults involved as the parents in the blended family, will generally be motivated to blend their lives and their families, by their love for each other. This is an adult agenda and the adults may wish that the children involved will love their partner as much as they do. This can result in the adults pushing their agenda on the children, and any situation that has pushed generally results in a pushback. It is all too common for the adults to assume that the new family unit can quickly be a happy one, one that spends time together and learns to love and respect and count on one another. This does not happen overnight, this does not happen in a year, nor 2 or even 5 years. It can take an extremely long time for children to get used to a new adult in their lives who has a large influence over their parent, particularly if the children still have both of their parents alive. Having two parents can be challenging enough for children, let alone having a third or even fourth. Take your time, don’t push your agenda.

Let’s Talk About It
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