Co-parenting within a blended family can be full of highs and lows, like any family. Those who are entering, or who are already in a co-parenting relationship often seek information and advice regarding how to manage different aspects of this complex dynamic, however by the very nature of being in a blended family, every situation is individual.

Family rules, boundaries and accommodations do and should change as children become older and need to be independent and assert their own authority. Communication and compassion starts between the co-parenting adults, which will then filter down to the children, helping them see that tricky situations and conversations can be navigated and managed. Children cannot advocate for themselves, and they end up internalising big emotions that result from the adults in their lives trying to navigate as best they can, changing relationships and emotional trauma. However, children grow up and carry the imprint of their childhood with them into their own romantic relationships. This set of blogs provides some guidance on what factors need to be considered co-parenting within a blended family

Let’s Talk About It
Do you find information and resources like this makes it easier to talk to your children about these kind of topics?