I need this if:

My child or student wants to understand more about themselves, and how to be their own advocate.

This can help if:
My child or student is Neurodiverse (Autistic). They are aged between 9 and 15 and I want to understand more about what life is like for my child.
Why is this useful:
It is written using positive language for those who are Neurodiverse and gives them specific examples of what to do in certain situations.
Suggestion for how to use this:
This resource is in a workbook format.
For younger teens, this could be done with a parent, older sibling, or during learning support in school. Older teens can work through it themselves.
How to access this resource:

You can purchase the book “Standing up for myself’ written by Evaleen Whelton for 23.50 and there is also a short video on the book at :


PDF Infograhic : https://www.sycamorepsychology.ie/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Top-Tip-Helping-my-childstudent-to-stand-up-for-themselves.pdf

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