I need this if:

I am going to be in an airport and have a person on the Autistic spectrum with my party

This can help if:

All ages

Why is this useful:

Cards: They provide a way to communicate to airport personelle and other flyers that there is someone in my party who has great difficulty waiting in queues.

Visuals: they can support the person with autism to understand what will happen in the airport, helping to reduce anxiety.

Suggestion for how to use this:

Communication card: It is best if the person who the card is connected to is wearing the card/lanyard, around their neck or on their jacket. Somewhere that is not annoying for them and visible by others.

Visuals: sure the individual the pictures, and to talk through what will happen prior to attending the airport. It may be beneficial to have access to the visuals while you were in the airport and can show them again for reassurance.

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