Focusing on helping parents to be more specific in the praise of their children.

When they do this, it is a form of coaching.

It helps children to see what skills and behaviours their parents value and want to see more of.

From a child’s perspective, they may have done 3-4 different things (in their head) and generic praise does not leave them knowing what they did well.

When we are vague and say “Well done”, “Good job” or “That’s great” or some version of these, we are not taking the opportunity to help our children learn and also as importantly to really feel successful because they know (and don’t have to guess) what they are good at.

Sentences such as these support your child to know specifically what they are doing well.

“Well done, good sitting”

“Well done, lovely manners”

“Good job, that was a very friendly thing to say”

“Excellent counting”

Let’s Talk About It

Please share some examples of specific praise you use with your children?