A mundane task such as brushing your teeth is something that children don’t want to engage with for a long period of time and sometimes it is so short they may as well not be brushing them at all.

Sound dental advice indicates that we should brush your teeth for two minutes morning and evening to ensure a deep clean, however instructing a young child to brush their teeth for two minutes can seem like an eternity leading to harsh words and often tears.

However, using a timer replaces you as the object of distain. Starting your little ones off with a one minute timer, using Alexa or Siri or any other virtual assistant technology for ease can take the job of monitoring how long they are brushing their teeth for out of your hands and instead relates it to the timer. This then means that you can concentrate on instructing them how to clean their teeth, forwards and backwards, up and down, the back to the teeth and ideally their gums also.

It always amazes me how responsive children are to timers and therefore as parents we can use them as an aid to support their development and maintain our patience.


Let’s Talk About It

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