I need this if:

My child or student speaks very loudly or can’t control their volume in places such as the bus, in the shop, in the library or in the classroom.

This can help if:
My child or student has autism and they are aged 5 years or over.
Why is this useful:
Children and young people with autism often do not know which volume to use in which setting.
Suggestion for how to use this:
Tell your child or student that we use different volumes in different places. Show them the voice volume scale and discuss with them what volume they can use in a context that is particular to your family or class. For example, in the library you can tell them that their volume should be at number 2.
How to access this resource:

 This is taken from the Incredible 5-point Scale which you can buy. There are also a number of free downloadables, including a blank 5-point Scale template: https://www.5pointscale.com/downloadables.html

This YouTube video also shows us other ways to use the 5-point Scale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuPjB9kMNwY

PDF Infograhic : https://www.sycamorepsychology.ie/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Top-Tip-Supporting-a-child-who-talks-very-loudly.pdf

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